Toyota 4Runner Dashboard Lights

Have you ever been out enjoying your drive around Swainsboro when a pesky dashboard light pops on? We’ve all been there. While these lights may damper your mood, they can also point to your car needing attention.

While not always indicative of something major misfiring in your vehicle, it is still best practice to pinpoint what could be going wrong and bring your vehicle in for repair. This will help keep your car happy and healthy for the long haul. In this piece, our team at Franklin Toyota will go over some common warning lights of the Toyota 4Runner to keep drivers near Statesboro, Metter, and Sylvania, GA, informed! Feel free to contact us online with any questions you might have after reading.

Slip Indicator

Your Slip Indicator light will prove to be important whether you’re on the backroads, dirt roads, or highways. This warning light looks like a car with two squiggly lines underneath the vehicle. This warning can indicate a number of issues that could be going wrong in your 4Runner pertinent to your traction on the roadways. These issues include:

  • VSC System
  • TRAC System
  • Trailer Sway Control
  • Active Traction Control System
  • Crawl Control System

Brake System Warning Light

The Brake System light on the Toyota 4Runner can come in two forms: one is an indicator that reads “BRAKE” in all capitals inside a rectangle. The other light appears as an exclamation point inside a circle which is inside parenthesis.

If you see either of these come on, it could indicate an issue with your Braking System or low brake fluid. Brakes not only serve a key purpose in your vehicle’s overall functioning, but also in your safety. So, in either case, it is best practice to bring your 4Runner in for attention and have the vehicle assessed.

Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Your vehicle’s coolant is responsible for keeping your engine from reaching a temperature that renders as too high to function. If your Coolant Temperature light comes on, it means that the engine coolant temperature has become too high. This could lead your 4Runner to overheat, and as such, you should pull over and shut the vehicle off to give it time to return to optimal temperatures.

This light looks like a thermometer that is partially submerged in water.

Charging System Warning Light

Your 4Runner’s Charging System light looks like a Lego with a plus symbol (+) in the top right corner and a minus symbol (-) in the top left corner. If this indicator comes on, it could indicate a malfunction in the SUV’s charging system. This could be as simple as a dead or drained battery, or more complex with an issue to your alternator.

Either way, you’ll want to seek attention because an issue with your Charging System could render your 4Runner unable to start

Check Engine Light

Your Check Engine light is one of the most important indicators in your 4Runner. This could point to potentially serious malfunctions and misfires dealing with your emission control system, engine control system, throttle system, and transmission control system. If you see this come on, you should bring your SUV ASAP to have it diagnosed.

The Check Engine light looks like an engine block. It will either be alone or feature the word “CHECK” in all capitals underneath it.

Learn More About Your 4Runner’s Dashboard Lights

Now that you know more about your 4Runner’s indicator lights and what they mean, you’re ready to get back out on the roads near Metter, Sylvania, Statesboro, and Swainsboro. If you run into any other lights, schedule an appointment with our team at Franklin Toyota where we’ll be happy to provide you with more info.

Happy driving!

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